The MOUTHY Woman’s Manifesto

As MOUTHY WOMEN we express ourselves confidently and self-assuredly. We have knowledge, expertise & experience,and we put our voices into the world as AUTHORITIES, THOUGHT LEADERS & INFLUENCERS. We are competent, knowledgeable & savvy, and we work with others to GET THE JOB DONE. We SPEAK UP without waiting for permission, invitation, or approval – regardless of whether we come across as loud, assertive, abrasive, argumentative, bossy, pushy, or unlikeable. Our voices are uniquely our own and they are POWERFUL. We control our own narratives, tell our own stories & shape our own histories. We create the arc of our own lives. We listen with empathy and consideration. We use our our ideas, our insights & our voices to support what works, fix what’s broken & repair the world. We will not be silent. We will not wait for someone else to ignite change. WE ARE THE CHANGE.